Marrakech To Fes

Desert Tour Via Erg Chebbi Dunes In Merzouga Desert

Private Desert Tour from Marrakech To Fes
Including Few Nights In Erg Chebbi Dunes In Merzouga Desert (3 To 9 Days)

Marrakech Desert Tour To Erg Chigaga Dunes

With Camel Trekking And Sandboarding

Marrakech To Erg Chigaga Dunes In The Sahara Desert Of Morocco Where You Will Enjoy Camel Trekking, Sandboarding And Berber Music Under Stars (3 To 9 Days)

Morocco Desert Adventures


  • I joined Mustapha – the guide behind Sahara travel – into the Moroccan Sahara desert for almost 2 weeks. It was just aweseome.

    I do not want to review the Moroccan desert, because it is just beautiful and there are many reviews out there. Therefore I just write a little bit about Sahara travel / Mustapha.

    I hardly know anyone who’s that hospitable. It was always fun to talk with Mustapha (he speaks perfect English). He talks about the desert, the nature, the animals, the culture, the traditions, his family’s/nomad’s way of life with such a passion that it is hard not to be flirting with the idea of living as a nomad in the desert. His sense of responsibility (for me) gave me always a feeling of security. I never doubted that we may not have enough water or food, that we may become lost, that he knows how to handle dangerous animals or not so friendly persons.

    To be honest, I’m more than happy that Mustapha was my guide. I don’t believe that anyone else could do a better job than he did.

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  • Mustapha is really cool guy and a very friendly, honest and reliable Person.
    We (group of about 12 german people) had a two weeks trip with him from foum zguid to muhamid through the desert Valley and the Canyon Labyrinth oft the jebel Bani.
    Mustapha and 3 other local nomades and some camels for the Transport of Walter and food was with us.

    It was a great adventure and through our guides it was also a experience of how the live oft the nomades feel.
    2 weeks oft living like a nomad means: walking through the desert in a karawan, eat tajines (local food), drink tea like a berber, sleeping under the stars and every evening Mustapha played some arabic music in the Guitar and we made music together.

    Thank you Sahara Travel for this wonderful experience

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  • I met my guide, Moustapha, the Auberge l’Oasis in Foum Zguid. He is a welcoming and well hearted man with a lot of knowledge about the mysteries of the desert.
    I wanted to ride my motorcycle through the desert south from Foum Zguid to M’hamid; so I was situated with GPS coordinates, food and water, and a lot of well wishes.
    Moustapha and I met the following day at their biwak, where I arrived in the afternoon. He guided me to the biwak, where he prepared not only an excellent ‚Whisky de maroc‘ but also brought me up to strength with a superb Tangine.
    On the next day he guided me back to the track to M’hamid and gave me advice how not to get off track and to find my destination without any problems.
    I only can highly recommend him for your sahra trip. I am still sometimes thinking about the night in the million star hotel, enjoying a good talk and feeding a desert mouse with crackers! 🙂

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  • If anyone wanna make a trip to the desert in Morocco, then I highly recommend Mustapha the guide and organiser. He’s so nice, enthusiast and very welcoming person, moreover he knows lots of things about the desert and you’ll learn so much with him about the desert.

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Nomade an Guide in the Sahara -Mustapha

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